100pcs Ultra Fresh Blue Latex Exam Gloves Powder-Free

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Industry: Offices, Medical, AgedCare, Dentists, Childcare, Mechanical, Food,

Tags : 100pcs Ultra Fresh Blue Latex Exam Gloves Powder Free SL468413L Gloves Nitrile Vinyl LDPE Cotton

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Quick Specifications
  • 100 gloves per box
  • 10 boxes (1000 gloves) per carton
  • Blue disposable latex gloves
  • Protection from unwanted or dangerous substances.
  • Softness provides superior comfort and natural fit.
  • Beaded cuff makes donning easy and helps prevent roll back.
  • Ambidextrous and straight fingers.
  • Powder free to eliminate the risk of corn starch contamination.
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The Benefits of Latex Gloves
Found mainly in the food service and healthcare facilities, the demand for disposable latex gloves continues to heavily increase as more people pay closer attention to cleanliness and sanitation. Not only do disposable gloves protect your employees' hands from contaminants and potentially harmful chemicals, but they prevent cross-contamination and help you practice proper food safety.
What Is Latex?Latex is a mix of proteins and compounds that is found naturally in some plants and trees. The latex starts out as a liquid, but it’s eventually turned into a rubbery material that has many different uses in a variety of industries. Natural latex is different from synthetic latex, which is made from chemicals and is used to make things like latex paint.
What Is Latex Used For?Latex is used to make many common items like disposable gloves, medical equipment, balloons, shoes, tires, and rubber toys, among other things. You can find latex products in many different settings, and it’s common in the food service industry as well as medical and dental fields.
Powder-Free Latex GlovesPowder-free latex gloves have become much more prevalent in the medical industry, and they are also common in food service settings. The main benefit of powder-free gloves over powdered options is that they won't leave a messy residue on your hands or equipment, which is essential in food service settings. Additionally, new types of powder-free gloves are just as easy to put on as powdered options, making them an excellent replacement to other powdered gloves.
Use Latex Gloves forHandling hazardous substances and maximum stretchability. Protection from unwanted or dangerous substances, Softness provides superior comfort and natural fit, Beaded cuff makes donning easy and helps prevent roll back, Ambidextrous and straight fingers.

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100pcs Ultra Fresh Blue Latex Exam Gloves Powder Free SL468413L Gloves Nitrile Vinyl LDPE Cotton
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