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VeraTemp Infrascan HD Non Contact Infrared Thermometer

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Infrascan HD Non Contact Infrared Thermometer

VeraTemp Non Contact Thermometer is a non contact thermometer suitable for home use. No need to fuss with ear or oral devices, simply point the device at the centre of baby’s forehead and you will have an instant, and more importantly, accurate reading.

It also measures babys bottle, food, bath water and room temperature.


► The ULTIMATE in Non-Contact Thermometers

The VeraTemp INFRASCAN HD™ High Definition Thermometer uses the latest technology to obtain a reliable and more accurate body temperature by scanning the arteries across the whole forehead.

► Artery Forehead Scan v Spot Measurement

Most Non-Contact Infrared Thermometers use the spot measurement method where the thermometer measures one spot on the forehead. Using this method it is difficult to find the right artery position as arteries in the forehead are complex and vary in each individual. Using the latest technology the INFRASCAN HD™ scans the forehead in less than 2 seconds to give a much more accurate reading as the reading takes into account major arteries across the forehead.

► Up to 50 Reading Stored in Memory

The INFRASCAN HD™ retains the last 50 temperature readings for instant recall.

► 3 Colour Backlight and Alarm

The INFRASCAN HD™ displays the temperature reading with a background colour of green, orange or red. Green is normal temperature, Orange indicates a slight fever and Red indicates a High Fever. An alarm will also sound when once the temperature displays 38ºC or more.

► Multiple Uses

The INFRASCAN HD™ not only measures but also can be used for measuring Room, Bath or Liquid Temperatures.


TGA Registered

• Model: Non-Contact Digital Thermometer

• Multipurpose; measures baby's bottle, food, bath water and room temperature

• Non-invasive; non-irritating

• Built-in memory records last 32 readings

• Easy to use with instant reading

• Backlit LED display for night time use

• Display changes colour to indicate raised temperature

• No probe covers required

• Battery saving auto-off feature

• Suitable for all ages

• Power: Battery operated (2 x AAA, included)

• Model no.: 71200

• Colour: White/Purple

• Dimensions (approx. cm): N/A

• Country of origin: USA

•12 Months Warranty

• Stock Available Now

• Same Day Dispatch

• Always Read the Instructions for Use


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VeraTemp Infrascan HD Non Contact Infrared Thermometer Thermometers