Fuji Xerox C2200 CWAA0728 Staple Cartridge Booklet B1-Finisher Booklet 4x 2000 Staples

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When purchasing from, you will enjoy fast delivery to most parts of Australia, we use a range of courier services, depending on location and efficiency.

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We offer free shipping for orders above $199 for PPE and $55 for toners.

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Customer Reviews

Hi Sam,

You are right, you guys are nicer! I wanted to thank you for an amazing customer experience yesterday. I received my items late yesterday afternoon, I was truly blown away.

Thank you! I will be back when I need to order more.

Have a great day,



Hi Sam,

Our sales experience was awesome!!! Not only did you have great prices and an easy navigate website - the ink cartridges arrived way faster than expected. A big thank you to you and the team. We shall be back.

Stay safe

Kind regards