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Fuji Xerox CT350868 Drum Cartridge Chip C5580/ C6680/C7780 - 100000 Prints

Manufacturer: Fuji Xerox
Code: XX350868CHIP


Oem Code


Duty Cycle

100,000 Prints - based on 5% print coverage & Or Depending on Remaining Drum Life


A fuji xerox drum chip extends the drum cartridge life. rather than replacing the full drum cartridge you may replace the chip only and give your CT350868 Drum another life. The Chip will resetting the drum counter to new. Replacing the CT350868 Drum chip is easy and simple, the chip clips out of the old drum and the new Chip clips easily in (instructions included).

Replacing the Fuji Xerox CT350868 Drum chip is a good idea if there is no visible print quality issues and the printer exhibits no sign of poor print quality, e.g. lines on the page etc. However when the drum is completely worn off and lines or poor print quality appears, the entire CT350868 Drum Cartridge is advised to change - See our Drum Cartridge listing.

it may be a good idea Increasing your Fuji Xerox CT350868 Drum life by replacing the Drum Chip rather than the entire Drum Cartridge unit. The CT350868 Drum Chip easily clips on and clips off, once replacing the drum chip your photocopier will resume printing, if there is no obvious printing quality problems you may choose to replace the drum chip rather than the drum cartridge giving your drum a second life.

Increase your Fuji Xerox CT350868 Drum cartridge life by resetting it with this Fuji Xerox Drum Chip - Simple to clip off and clip on giving the Xerox Imaging Drum another life cycle with a savings of $200. As the Fuji Xerox CT350868 Drum may still be containing significant life, Every Fuji Xerox Imaging Drum cartridge contains a 'chip',  if there is no visible print quality deterioration on your printed documents, and no visible lines on the pages, you may extend the Fuji Xerox drum life by replacing the chip - Need help doing it? Call us on 1300 898 591

Suitable Printer

Fuji Xerox Docucentre / Apeosport IV C5580 C6680 C7780 Docucentre / Apeosport V C5585 C6685 C7785

Pack Includes

1x Fuji Xerox CT350868 Drum Cartridge R1 R2 R3 R4 Reset Chip

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