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HP AddMaster Ink Jet 6000 Transaction Printer

Manufacturer: HP
Product Code: HP6000IJ
Availability: In Stock


HP AddMaster Ink Jet 6000 Transaction Printer.

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Product Overview:

The IJ-6080 Ink-Jet Transaction Printer is a modern, high-reliability transaction printer designed for use in financial, POS and other applications. The IJ-6080 prints on 3 inch wide journal or receipt paper, as well as inserted documents which may be of any size. The printer uses the
Hewlett-Packard C6602A Ink-Jet cartridge.

The printer is designed for ease of use. It features a small foot-print, automated paper loading, simple intuitive operator controls and indicators, and reliable operation. The IJ-6080 is typically connected to a Host computer through industry standard interfaces. RS-232C serial, USB and Parallel interfaces are available. Printer firmware is stored in “Flash” memory, which supports field updates of firmware, fonts, and logos.

Supplies & Consumables Specifications:

Paper Roll Specification

Media Type                                Plain paper. Roll stock.
Roll Diameter
                            3.0 inches maximum
Roll Width
                                  3.00 inches +0.1/-0.2
Roll Core I.D.
                              5/8 inches typical, no special requirement
                                   0.0015 to 0.03 inches
Recommended Weight
Recommended Stock
                Rittenhouse #7055SB

Validation Document Specification:

Document Type                    1 form, Plain paper stock.
Document Thickness
            0.0015 to 0.0180 inches
Document Width
                   5.5 inches minimum
                                                  6.0 inches recommended minimum
Document Height                  2.75 inches minimum
Recommended Weight          #16

Ink-Cartridge Specification:

Print Head                            Manufacturer: Hewlett-Packard
                                               Part Number: C6602A
Ink Color
Ink Cartridge Life
                Depends on Font
Typical use
                          6,000,000 characters typical text approximate Standard Font

Maximum                             Not specified.
Print Contrast Ratio             Constant throughout life of cartridge

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