Tips to Recycle Ink and Toner Cartridge

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Ink and toner cartridge are important parts of a printer. The printer run on ink and toner cartridges only. Without these components a printer is nothing more than a piece of scrap. Without these components you can’t even think of printing anything. Purchasing a branded ink and toner cartridge such as Fuji Xerox CT201632, HP CB382A (824A), Kyocera TK 3104, and Brother TN155BK is the right move to make while you are replenishing your office or home needs for printing.

Recycling printer components is the best way to save money. Recycling also protects the environment since recycling 40,000 tons of metal and plastic can help prevent large organizations from polluting the environment any further. However many people who use printers do not understand the importance of recycling. In this article you can see the how you can recycle ink and toner cartridges and recycle it to save money and the environment.


Reusing Ink and Toner Cartridge


It is the best way to recycle your ink and toner cartridge. In the past few years, manufacturers are promoting ink and toner cartridge return programs. Through the return cartridge program old cartridges can be refilled and sold at a lower price than the original ones. This process is very useful for printer users because when you give your used ink and toner cartridge to the manufacturing company then the manufacturing company sometimes gives you direct money and discounts it to purchase a new cartridge.


Give Ink and Toner Cartridge to Office Supply Stores


When you are in the process of discarding your empty ink and toner cartridges then you can take them to the office supply stores because they are will take your old cartridge to recycle them and get it back into use. The Staples Inkdrop program is a good example for recycling via office supply stores.


Take Care of Your Ink and Toner Cartridges


If you are planning to send your ink and toner cartridge for recycling then you need to keep your ink and toner cartridge in good condition. Manufacturing a cartridge is a bit tough as compared to refilling it with ink. If you want to send your printer cartridge for recycling then you need to care for your cartridges and use newspapers to cushion them while transporting them to the recycler.


Check the Recycling Cartridge Programs


There is also another way to recycle your printer ink and toner cartridge. Some programs such as Recycle4Charity gives you money for recycling cartridge. How much money back you get depends on many factors like – the cartridge’s original manufacturer, condition of the cartridge. You need to check the programs time to time and keep your cartridges in good conditions. This way, you can easily recycle your cartridge and save time.


Send Back Your Cartridge to the Manufacturer in Mail


It is one of the easiest ways to recycle your cartridge. Some cartridge makers such as HP and Epson gives you the opportunity to send back your used cartridge in mail. A special envelope is enclosed with the new cartridge to ensure the right delivery of the cartridge once you decide to get rid of it. So, if your cartridge life has expired then you can easily pack your used cartridge in this envelope and return the cartridge to the manufacturer in mail. Recycling the ink and toner cartridge has great benefits for printer users and environment. It offers a much cheaper printing solution for printer users and owners because through recycling you can get cartridges for low cost. Remember many people think it is affecting your printing but it is not true but they give you best print results without affecting the print quality.

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